Omega 3, and CBD oils for medical and cosmetic industries. Animal-Cruelty-Free product and ingredient testing for skin-care, pharma, health and wound care products using Labskin AI data analytics. A vertically integrated laboratory to market platform with lab-grown 3D human skin and Artificial Intelligence.

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Skin Microbiome


Animal-Free Lab-grown, simulated human skin, for testing cosmetic and pharma products for dandruff, acne, fungal and bacterial infection

Innovenn Skin Science

Labskin Certification of products, and training of Lab technicians. Virtual Lab services for cosmetic, skincare and pharma companies

Stoer For Men Cosmetics

Range of skincare products derived from 5 natural super-ingredient plant extracts specifically for men to reduce the signs of aging


Visual diagnostic wound dressing that changes colour to indicate infection or improvement of the wound under the dressing

Micro Biomaterials

Omega 3 from Algae

Major health benefits for global  human population explosion. Alternative production to extraction from declining global fish stocks

Bio-Plastic Ingredients

Solution to dumping 8 million tonnes of waste plastic in the oceans each year. Alternative biodegradable plastic solution

Algzym CBD Technology

Low-cost Solvent-Free commercial scale solution to the production of Omega-3 oils from micro-algae and CBD oils from hemp


Commercial License Partners of the Algzym Technology platform for bio-based oils, including Omega 3, CBD and bio-plastic ingredients

There is more to skin care than good looking skin

When you look in the bathroom mirror, do you care what goes into the products you use that make you look good?

Could your cosmetic containers be biodegradable? What about your face-scrub? Are you flushing plastic microbeads down the drain into the oceans for fish to eat?

What about the oils you put on your face? Are they natural plant extracts or by-products of fossil fuels?

Integumen license production from agricultural feedstocks and natural grown plant-extracts. We convert them to natural oils and ingredients for nutritional foods and cosmetics. We test them on our own non-animal-testing lab-grown human skin to clinically prove they work for you.

Meet Our Team

We never underestimate the skill and expertise of the management teams of the underlying subsidiaries and partner companies.  Leading those teams are those who have transformed laboratory science to commercial scale multi-national companies.

Gerard J Brandon CEO

Gerard is a seasoned international executive and serial entrepreneur, joining Cellulac as its CEO in May 2012. In 1996 he co-founded, as CEO, Alltracel Pharmaceuticals plc, which completed an IPO on AIM in 2001 and was subsequently acquired in 2008. In 2004 Gerard was appointed Managing Partner for Farmabrand Private Equity. He is an author and Fellow of the Ryan Academy of Entrepreneurs in Dublin.

Camillus Glover COO

Camillus joined Cellulac as CFO in May 2012 and is a Chartered Accountant Institute member since 1985, qualifying with KPMG. He moved from his position as Operations Director at Campbell Bewley Group to be Chief of Operations at Alltracel Pharmaceuticals plc in 2003 and later stayed on after being acquired by Hemcon Medical Technologies as VP Global Business Development, 2009-2012.

Fin Murray Sales Director

Fin is the Founder of Rinocloud Limited. He is a seasoned sales executive with more than 30 years’ experience in worldwide distribution deals, selling complex software solutions into the multi-national corporate sectors in financial services, biotech, utilities and government departments. He is former CEO of LeT Systems Limited and a senior executive at KBC Bank and Kindle Banking systems.

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